25 September 2018 | La Bruyère, Belgium
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25 September 2018
La Bruyère, Belgium
Wagralim Food Connections 2018

Seminars & Speakers

The art of creativity for agrifood Companies

To think about the future of agrifood in a creative way, we have to think “out of the box". But this state of mind doesn't mean obviously to find "new" ideas, these ones exist in fact since a long time...

Luc de Brabandere

Graduated in Civil Engineering and Philosophy, Luc is a Senior Advisor in the company strategy. Member of BCG, the faculty of the Louvain School of Management and Ecole Centrale Paris, he is also co-author of Thinking in New Boxes: a new paradigm for business creativity. With BCG since 2001, he leads strategic seminars and helps people looking to develop new strategic visions, new products and services, and long-term scenarios to prepare their future.

Capturing the voice of consumers in a context of quick and iterative development

Collecting the voice of your customers is an issue in the development of your new products? Do you want to equip yourself with tools to accelerate your innovation? Are you looking for good practices that allow you to quickly and easily validate your opportunities and concepts?

You will learn a quick and iterative methodology to capture the voice of customers yourself, identify customer needs through open questions, what is a minimum viable product (Lean Startup) and finally how to prototype and validate a proposal valuable. You will also discover some practical tools to identify market opportunities.

Daniel Leblanc

With 15 years of product development experience in the US and Canada, Daniel has repeatedly demonstrated his effectiveness in creating, mobilizing and challenging teams to transform their organization through innovation. He has particularly distinguished himself as R & D Director by implementing advanced techniques to reduce product development by 50%. A specialist in the reengineering of Toyota's Lean work organization, Daniel has worked with manufacturing companies in many sectors such as services, health and agribusiness.

FoodTech in Europe: What does it mean for the agrifood industry?

Most of the time, we hear more people talking about the FoodTech, to designate startups doing home delivery like UberEats or to speak about a future made of vegetal proteines. But what's the FoodTech and wha'ts its situation in Europe ? 

The objective of this seminar is to give you a clear vision of what's the FoodTech and its segments, the name of the startups the most relevant to follow for the agrifood sector and the trends which can make grow your businesss in the coming years.

Mathieu Vincent

Matthieu is the co-founder of DigitalFoodLab and is entrepeneur in the FoodTech. In 2010, he creates WeCook, a helpdesk for the creation and organization of meals and shopping for consumers and B2B. In 2013, DigitalFoodClub events are launched to bring together entrepreneurs, investors and industrialists from the French FoodTech. They can test their ideas, discover partners and receive expertise.

The blockchain applied to the traceability of the supply chain 

The traceability of the agrifood supply chain is a complicated process due to the intervention of multiple factors. However, it is important in our world where the consumers demands to know the source and composition of the products he acquires.

You will discover how this new technology allows the diffusion of a shared, decentralized and protected information between the actors of the chain and can meet the objectives of the food traceability.

Daniel Penninck

Daniel Penninck, blockchain expert and co-founder of block0, has 20 years of experience in the development of software including 10 years in the IOT sector (internet of the objects). He has recently decided to specialize himself in Blockchain and overall the Hyperledger Fabric.  Nowadays, he is using his blockchain knowledge for an important project in the supply chain and agrifood industries.

Steve Degosserie

Blockchain expert and co-founder of block0, Steve Degosserie is a technician and passionated entrepreneur. Graduated in Digital Currencies and Blockchain from the university of Nicosia in Cyprus, he has created 2 societies. MI8 is specialized in the creation of mobile business critical applications and block0 is specialized in Blockchain solutions.

Food Processing: Smart Quality Control Technology 

The Food&Beverage industry is confronted with big challenges due the fast evolution of the needs and the growth of the consumers'demand. An integrated approach and a optimal coordination of order process, production and packing are needed to the production. 

A vision of the impact of the digitalization of the quality control in the food industry to SPE's will be presented from the point of view of one of them.

Frederic Sente

Managing Director, De Simone

Bart Demaegdt

Graduated in Engineering, Bart began to work that year and got his first professional experience while he was firstly consultant and responsible of some projects. He had this position for 10 years and then was promoted as Technology Manager DCS/MES. Passionate about technology, that’s the reason why he decided to work at Siemens. He is now Digital Enterprise Team Coordinator. According to him, “Digitalization is changing everything and everywhere”.

Eating well for a healthier and longer life

Sarah Booth, director of a famous American research center, is specialized in nutrition for the elderly. She will present the nutrition trends and her center, the HNRCA. This is one of the largest in the world and inspires the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). Her research focuses on the gut microbiota, obesity, diabetes, cancer prevention, ...

Sarah Booth

Dr. Sarah L Booth, PhD, serves as the Director of the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) and of the Vitamin K Laboratory at the HNRCA. Professor of Nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, she is expert in vitamin K. Her main scientific interests include the absorption, transport, and metabolism of vitamin K and the role of vitamin K metabolism in the prevention of chronic disease. Her laboratory has been the leader in the field for conducting controlled, vitamin K feeding studies, and has successfully conducted NIH-funded clinical trials in the area of vitamin K, osteocalcin and bone health, and vascular biology. 

The interdisciplinarity: the key in the research and development in nutrition and health

Ms. Delzenne will present the different aspects of the nutrition research in 2018 and will demonstrate that innovations in the agrifood are linked to the needs and desires of the society.

Projet: https://uclouvain.be/fr/cherch...

Nathalie Delzenne

Teacher at UCL, Nathalie is leading the group of Research in Metabolism and nutrition in LDRI. Her research in experimental nutrition has the goal to develop the therapeutical interest of nutriments which interact with intestinal microbiote in severa physiopatological contextes (obesity, diabeta, cachexie). Author of more than 250 publications in nutrition and health, she is involved in a lot of international and national research consortia.

The Funding opportunities for the investment and innovation projects 

As active SPE in the agrifood sector, you can ask funding to Wallonia. However, it is sometimes difficult to identify the most appropriated help or funding for your situation and to know if you meet all the eligibility criteria.

To help you, the speakers will speak about these thema  :

  • Investment: basic help possibilities with a special attention on the complement FEADER for the investments in the agrifood industry.
  • Innovation: funding of R&D projets, specific help covering the evaluation aspects of the feasibility of a project and patent filling.

The seminars will be followed by a question-reply session with the ambassadors of the Operationnal General Direction (DGO6 and DG03).

Virginie Wittemans

A molecular biologist by training, Virginie Wittemans began her career as an environmental consultant before joining the Operational Directorate General of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment. Since 2010, she has joined the Department of Agriculture. Currently, she manages a team in aid of processing and marketing of agricultural products and aid for the first processing of wood.

Dominique Jamotton

Dominique Jamotton began at the SPW in 1995 after obtaining a degree in economics and social sciences from the University of Namur. At the beginning, she was working at the Coordination and Regulatory Directorate. After that, she worked for 20 years in the Department of SME’s and the Directorate of aids to consultancy and business councils. Since April 1, 2017, she has been in charge of the SME Department, which grants investment bonuses to SME’s (classic scheme). Specializing in the introduction of reports, she knows exactly how to determine the amount of a premium and how to get paid.

Benjamin Albertani

Qualified officer at the Accompaniment and Awareness Department / DGO6 / SPW 

Graduated in molecular biology, Benjamin is primarily responsible for evaluating and monitoring targeted research and development projects for SMEs. His help tools are grouped under the specific help "specific aids". Specific, cause they have a special need in the evolution of a R&D project: researcher engagement (RPR), outsourcing of an R & D project, analysis of the marketing strategy related to an innovative product / service, help with patenting, ... He gives also opinions on the criteria "innovation", "R & D", "Technological risks" ... for requests regarding investment help.

The European projects for the companies from the sector 

The NCP Wallonia is your best collaborator to get European fundings.

Different types of European projects, from content to eligibility criteria, will be introduced by our speakers. They will present key calls to no miss for 2019-2020 and several success stories. Finally, calls to missing partners for some editing projects will be launched. 

Pierre Fiasse

Civil Engineer, Pierre is European Project Developer at NCP Wallonia. By coaching entreprises in the structure of their technological innovation at Innovatech, he has developped a big experience in editing European R&D collaborative projects and an important networking (entreprises, research centres, university laboratories) in Wallonia and abroad.

Marie Stas

Graduated in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology and Science and Environmental Management (masters), Ms. Stas' thesis focused on the transfer of persistent organic pollutants into the serum and adipose tissue of sea elephants. Researcher at UCL on the bioavailability of heavy metals in Walloon soils, she did some research at the University of Lorraine on ecosystem services of urban soils as well. Finally, she worked at CRA-w on risk studies related to pesticide application equipment techniques. She has been working at NCP Wallonie since the end of June 2018.

Food Trends in Agro-Food

Nowadays, customers want a real experience and a concept that seduces before, during and after meals. It’s the key to succeed!

Food trends are a source of inspiration and can be quite different. Some are linked to societal phenomena or environmental and health problems. Finally, some trends are surprising and exciting for customers looking for bold discoveries. These frenzy the "foodista" who want offers to put on Instagram.

On September 25, different trends will be presented such as dishes to share, trashcooking, shops-restaurants, hybrid cuisine, and many more, ...

Gaelle Troubat

Gaëlle Troubat is the daughter of a star chef and has 12 years of experience in catering. She is now consultant and coach. Her mission is to follow new trends and stimulate the growth of HORECA establishments.


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